what mom really wants for mother’s day


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what do moms really want for mother’s day?

mother's day with butter

hint…it’s not flowers.

mothers day is a wonderufl idea in theory.  for me, sunday is a busy day. it’s the day to meal prep for the week ahead. a day to get all that laundry washed, dried, and put away. a day to make sure the house is on order.

so no, flowers or chocolates for that matter are not high on this mom’s list of gift ideas. what do mom’s really want for mother’s day?

we want to enjoy our first cup of coffee of the day, in peace and quiet, while it’s still hot

Butter for mother's day


to be able to shower and get dressed without anyone walking in


brunch may be fun, but long wait times with fighting kids and crowds …not so much;  mimosas or a glass of Butter sure sound nice though

mother's day with Butter

a clean house, as long as we don’t have to do the cleaning

to be left alone.  we’ll mom the other 364 days of the year

kids this one’s for you – on sunday, when you feel yourself forming the word m o m replace it with d a d, unless of course it’s to tell us how pretty we are. then, we are all ears

mother's day


another one for the kids, how about a sass free, argue free, whine free unless it’s Butter Chardonnay day;  a mom can dream right?

everything's better with butter - mother's day

a nice picnic dinner that we don’t have to plan, pack, and clean up

and when all else fails, grab a bottle of easy to drink, melt in your mouth Butter and #SpreadtheLove this mother’s day

mother's day

everything, including mother’s day, is  better with butter!

everything's better with butter - mother's day


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