Wake Up Wednesdays

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Wow – 45 weeks of Wake Up Wednesdays! What
are you showing off this week?

Since the last time I wrote a post, A LOT has changed. We bought our first
home in Chicago and my life has been consumed with unpacking and DIY
projects…. ok, fine. I’m not doing much DIY but our handyman has been
given many of my blogging buddies tutorials of things I want done.

these wants are coming from YOU. Thank you guys so much for coming back
each week and inspiring your hosts. Be sure to keep up with us on social
media since we love sharing your work!

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Now on to the features! I wish I had opportunity to highlight more than
just 6 bloggers. There were so many awesome posts!

I’ve been obsessed with butterscotch ever
since having butterscotch blondies at a 4th of July party. These
Butterscotch Scones will be all mine very soon
Mouthwatering Butterscotch Scones

Is there anything more refreshing than Key
Lime Pie? How about Individual Frozen Key Lime Pies??! Sign me up!

I’ll be picking up a rotisserie chicken
and making this Buffalo & Blue Cheese Chicken Salad
ASAP. Looks soooooo good!!!
Buffalo and Blue Cheese Chicken Salad - hot wings flavor in a cold lunch or dinner | cupcakesandkalechips.com | #glutenfree #buffalochicken

I thought French toast was good as is….
and then I saw this Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast from Mom on Time
. You go, girl!


Wine Smoothie??! I love a fun grown up beverage!
Wine Smoothie | For White Lights on Wednesday by Cooking with Curls
Creating a meal plan around what produce is in season is an
awesome idea
. What a great way to eat healthier (and local!!) all year


If you were featured, be sure to let the world know!

Wake Up Wednesdays
Wake Up Wednesdays Features

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