My visit to Tillamook and an Ice Cream Sandwich

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ice cream sandwiches


A few weeks ago, I visited Oregon for the first time.

Have you been? It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I am already planning my return trip.

I wasn’t in Oregon just for a little R&R, I was one of a handful of bloggers invited to visit Tillamook.

What a trip it was. First, I was lucky to be traveling with friends Glory and Dorothy, so I knew it would be a fun three days.

We arrived in Portland just in time for lunch, and let me tell you the ladies from Soda Pop PR thought of everything. After enjoying an afternoon of sightseeing, we had a wonderful dinner at the hotel.  Of course for me the highlight of the meal was dessert – ice cream sandwiches featuring three Tillmook flavors – udderly chocolate,Oregon strawberry, and my FAVE Oregon hazelnut with salted caramel.

The ice cream sandwiches were AMAZING, all three varieties, but we managed to save room for a doughnut from Voodoo. Line and all, it’s an experience for sure.

Bright and early we headed to Tillamook for our tour. We tasted cheese, new ice cream creations, and learned more than you could ever imagine  about cheese making from Dale, the BIG Cheese so to say. He has been at Tillamook for 45 years. If you ever have a chance, you really should check out the tour.

what a fun bunch of gals –

{front row} Liren from Kitchen Confidante Dorothy from Crazy for Crust Jesseca from One Sweet Appetite

{bus row} Jane from This Week for Dinner Anita from Desserts First Girl  me Lisa from Authentic Suburban Gourmet Stephanie from  52 Kitchen Adventures  Lizzy from  Your Cup of Cake  and Rachael from Set the Table

another FUN bunch of ladies

a few of the Tillamook cows

she was a tad  too big for my carry-on

I totally want a cow!

So we laughed, and ate, and met some cows, and ate some more. It was an amazing trip.

After the factory tour we headed to  Pacific City where we would spend the night at the Inn at Cape Kiwanda, and be wined and dined on the beach.

Yes, the lovely ladies from Soda Pop and Tillamook even had blankies ready in case it got chilly; they really did think of everything. And YES that is  Union Wine Co   wine in a can, and it is GOOD! Try it. Really.

To be honest, I was SO not ready to come home. Oregon was gorgeous, I met so many wonderful women, and truthfully, its fun being taken care of for a few days.

To make coming home a little easier, I made one of my favorite treats from my mid-week “weekend”

the Ginger Snap Oregon Hazelnut Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich

What you’ll need –

a batch of my soft and chewy ginger cookies and some Tillamook ice cream

You can certainly just scoop the ice cream on the cookies and smudge them together, but I prefer to scoop the ice cream and press into a circle cookie cuter the size of the cookies, place the  ice cream in plastic wrap and freeze {for at least an hour} while the ice cream circles are freezing, match up similar size cookies

this makes forming the sandwiches much easier

 I didn’t even know I liked ginger snaps until I tried these sandwiches, and now I’m hooked.

A little birdie told me that Glory is making another of the delicious ice cream sandwiches that we enjoyed in Oregon, do make sure to check them out as well.


ginger snap ice cream sandwiches with oregon hazelnut and salted caramel ice cream