The Healthiest Homemade {nutella}


I am one of those crazy fools that like to make everything from scratch.
Cakes, brownies, yogurt, even my bread and pasta.

No wonder I feel like I never leave the kitchen

Recently, there has been MUCH debate over nutella.

While I would not consider this a “health” food, I do believe that it can be a healthy snack, and we LOVE it here.

But…a homemade version could be healthy, at least healthier.

Oh my goodness, it is SO easy.
 ~okay it may  not be easier than opening a jar, but it sure was good:)

Chocolate-Nut Spread:

2 cups of  nuts
 – I used raw almonds
if  using hazelnuts – roast for a few minutes @350 and then rub off the skins
3/4 cup of cocoa powder
1/4 cup of sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup of milk

process the nuts until they are finely ground

add in the remaining ingredients and process until you have the desired consistency
 ~ I prefer mine a bit thick, but you could add in a few extra tablespoons of milk
 ~you also could adjust the sugar (crazy as it sounds, I do not like mine overly sweet)

keep covered in the fridge