A {sweet} Giveaway from Treatsie

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  a sweet Giveaway from Treatsie

just in time for Valentine’s Day

Could there be anything sweeter than a box of treats arriving at your door every month?

Treatsie is a small business offering a monthly sample box of high end artisan sweet treats.

 I was SO excited to receive my first box. There were Vanilla-White, Milk, and Dark Chocolate sipping bars from Popbar Caramels from AvenueSweets  Gourmet Brittle form BrittleBrothers and HEAVENLY Lavender Chocolate Caramels from Lillie Belle Farms

You can check out a few of their past boxes here and if you need a little something for that someone special, Treatsie has got  fabulous Valentine’s gift ideas  {how about a little Hot Love}

Treatsie believes in supporting small  chef- run businesses, and stresses quality over quantity.   That was clear to me at first bite.  I am already looking forward to my next box. Even better, just in time for Valentine’s day Treatsie is offering one lucky reader a free  one month subscription.

Pretty sweet huh?

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