{stuffed} puff pastry cookies

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We’re still enjoying triple digit temperatures, so I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to try mini-beef wellingtons for dinner last night.

Not exactly a light summer meal, but they were delicious.

I only needed one of my puff pastry sheets, and not wanting it to go to waste (things often disappear in my freezer for LONG periods of time), I made dessert.

Little treasure filled pastry cookies.
They were AMAZING!  Just like little miniature turnovers, which were my all time favorite treat growing up.
You can fill them with pretty much anything, but I chose nutella and raspberry preserves.

The raspberry were by far my favorite, but the preserves do oooze out the sides a bit.
Not pretty but SO good.
Next time I’ll probably do pie filling.

Simply thaw and roll out the puff pastry sheet
cut into 16 squares

fill each with 1 tsp of filling (mini rolos or PB cups would also be delish)

fold up opposite corners
pinch seems
brush with one beaten egg

sprinkle on just a bit of raw sugar
bake@375 for about 15 minutes

I highly recommend you wait until they cool before you devour them, I’m still nursing some burned tastebuds.
You probably won’t, so consider yourself warned.