strawberry caprese triscuit topper

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strawberry burrata and basil caprese topper


simple is almost always best, and this strawberry caprese Triscuit topper is just that


as in only three ingredients simple,

and if you garden, chances are you have two out of the three in your yard,


strawberries and sweet basil


and if you’ve found a way to make your own burrata, I’m all ears, because I am in LOVE.

every spring and summer I get excited

not just about planting a garden, but I do love planting,

or the fact that in a few short weeks we will be on summer break,

but it is caprese season,

and I could caprese ALL the things ALL the time.

I am crazy for caprese,

but this caprese is a bit different.


strawberry caprese Triscuit topper


I love the sweetness from the strawberries in place of the more traditional tomato,

and burrata is the new mozzarella.

add a sweet basil leaf,

throw it all on a Triscuit ,

and you have a very tasty strawberry caprese snack.

perfect for after all that gardening and burrata making.

~for each serving you will need

     1 strawberry, sliced

     2 Tbsp burrata 

     2 small sweet basil leaves

     2 Triscuit crackers

     top each cracker with 1 Tbsp of the burrata, one or two slices of strawberry (depending of the size of the berry) and 1 basil leaf

     3 steps to  delicious

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strawberry caprese Triscuit topper





Triscuit believes in simple things coming together to create something more.  Whether it’s just three ingredients on a Triscuit or about life, we believe that you (and Triscuit) are “Made for More”.

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