snickers brownie ice cream cake

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celebrate national ice cream day with this easy and delicious snickers brownie ice cream cake

snickers brownie ice cream cake

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Did you know that July is national ice cream month, and that tomorrow, July 19th is national ice cream day?

If you didn’t consider yourself informed. Not that we need an excuse to eat ice cream, it is summer after all, and summer wouldn’t be summer without ice cream.

snickers brownie ice cream cake #IceCreamMonth

I love a good mint chip waffle cone every now and then, but my favorite way to eat ice cream is on top of a brownie, loaded with fudge, caramel, and whipped cream.

Stella, my sweets lover, has been begging me to make her an ice cream cake all summer, and that’s when the wheels began turning. I’m not much of a cake lover, but an ice cream cake with a brownie base would be like one giant brownie sundae.

We started with a large pan of brownies – go homemade if you wish, but for me I was looking for easy, and the box won.


once baked and cooled, ย I added a layer of fudge topping. again, you can go homemade, but I used a jar.

brownie with hot fudge layer

chill fudge layer 30 minutes, and then add the snickers ice cream bars

snickers ice cream bar brownies

cover the ice cream bars in caramel; yes I used a jar,

caramel layer

and then cool whip. I know what you are thinking, and if you choose, use fresh whipped cream.

cool whip layer

freeze and top with chopped mini snickers before serving

snickers brownie ice cream cake #IceCreamMonth

If you have a non-peanut eater like I do, Milky Way Bars with chocolate ice cream or Twix Ice Cream Bars with vanilla are the way to go. I happen to love the peanuts and peanut butter ice cream in the snickers ice cream bars.

snickers brownie ice cream cake #IceCreamMOnth

snickers brownie ice cream cake


  • 1 family size pan of brownies (baked in a deep 13 x 9 inch baking dish)
  • 1 jar of fudge ice cream topping
  • 12 snickers ice cream bars
  • 1 jar of caramel ice cream topping
  • whipped topping
  • snickers minis, chopped


  • bake brownies according to package instructions
  • allow to cool completely, and then cover with the fudge topping
  • chill topping at least 30 minutes
  • top with the 12 snickers ice cream bars, and then cover with caramel
  • chill this layer at least 30 minutes in the freezer
  • top with the whipped topping, cover and freeze at least 2 hours before serving
  • allow to sit at room temperature 15 - 20 minutes before cutting and serving
  • top with chopped snickers minis

snickers brownie ice cream cake #IceCreamMonth


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now I’m off to celebrate national ice cream day.


snickers brownie ice cream cake #IceCreamMonth