smoked salmon fish and chips + an academy awards party

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maybe not your classic fish and chips, but these smoked salmon fish and chips will have you hooked

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smoked salmon fish and chip appetizer

I have watched the academy awards ever since I can remember. I don’t think my mother has missed a single one, and now I try not to either. Ian and Charlie may sit and watch with us, but really it is Stella and I that are the real fans.

We may not get to see all the movies nominated, but this year it seems that they are better than ever. I really don’t think I could pick a favorite. As much fun as la la land was, I’m a sucker for a tearjerker. SO when a few friends and I decided to throw a movie-themed pot luck awards show party, my movie had to be Manchester by the Sea. And whenever I think of the sea,well, fish and chips comes to mind. I LOVE fish and chips, but it’s not exactly pot-luck friendly.

smoked salmon fish and chips appetizer

After a bit of searching around, I came up with a fun small bite fish and chip appetizer. For me appetizers are always the best part of a party.  Smoked salmon with just enough mayo to moisten it, some lemon and fresh dill, topped with capers, all on top of malt vinegar potato chips. Fish and chips need malt vinegar. The kids were less than excited so for small hands there are fish fingers and fries.

fish and chips appetizer

smoked salmon fish and chips



  • flake salmon into a bowl, season with salt, pepper, and cayenne if using, and gently stir in the mayo and lemon
  • top each potato chip with 1-2 tsp of salmon (depending on the chip size)
  • sprinkle with dill, and serve with capers and cornichons on the side

Because I am always looking for a reason to buy some new fun table things, I got a”sea” inspired table runner, glass lantern candle holder, and a new set of white tasting plates. Blue and white is classic nautical, and I am in love with how clean and simple the table turned out. Best part, I got everything, and I mean everything, at Cost Plus World Market. One stop shopping, and my Manchester by the Sea portion of the evening is done!

everything for the table

fish and chip appetizer

blue villa table runner  buffet napkins in white 

cheyenne lantern mediterranean sea candle

white tasting plates white rectangular tasting plate mini rectangular tasting plate

mini tasting plates  french fry cones working jar glasses

and everything else

fish and chip appteizer

smoked salmon  malt vinegar potato chips

capers cornichons

sparkling water limonata mix and match 6-pack of beer

 Whatever you need to watch the academy awards in style, from table linens and dishes to snacks and drink mixes,chances are you’ll find  everything for easy entertaining  at Cost Plus World Market.