simple strawberry preserves

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with only three ingredients and  ready in less than an hour, these simple strawberry preserves are a pantry favorite at our house

simple strawberry preserves

As much as we love jam, and we love this 10 minute strawberry jam a lot, these preserves are where it’s at. The taste is very similar to jam. It is not quite as thick as jam, which makes it perfect for pouring over ice cream or pancakes. I’ll be eating mine over homemade  greek yogurt. The preserves  may run out the sides a bit, but my kids LOVE this on pb&j.  Really I love it the most because you can use the fruit whole! That is the primary difference between a preserve and a jam. No chopping or dicing, simply hull and cook. If I have some monster berries, those I cut in half, but mainly I just throw them in whole.

simple strawberry preserves

We have a garden box FULL of strawberry plants. They are still itty bitty, but already are loaded with flowers and baby berries. I cannot wait until we have garden fresh berries, that is if we can keep the birds and squirrels away. For now though I am buying what feels likes bushels of berries every week.

Are you a Sprouts shopper? I live in Folsom and we just got one last week. Lucky for me Sprouts is right at the end of my street. I have already been there 4 times since last Wednesday. Yes, I know, I shop for food a lot.  Yesterday they had strawberries for 98 cents a pound. I simply could not pass that up, so I bought 2 pounds for baking, 2 pounds for eating, and another 4 pounds for jam.

simple strawberry preserves

By the time I got home from the store and school pickup it was time to get dinner started. After making sauce and meatballs, I was really not in the mood for all that strawberry chopping. If I had had the room for all those berries in the fridge, I probably would have skipped it altogether. But I didn’t, so preserves replaced the jam I had planned. It was SO simple (only 3 ingredients) and SO delicious, I may never go back to jam again.

simple strawberry preserves

simple strawberry preserves



  • 3 lbs strawberries, washed and hulled
  • juice of 1 small/medium lemon (half a lemon if your lemon is large)
  • 2 cups sugar


  • combine berries and lemon juice in a large saucepan
  • cook over low heat, stirring occasionally
  • once the berries begin to release their juice, add the sugar (this will take about 30 -40 minutes)
  • turn heat up to medium, and bring the berries and sugar to a boil
  • cook until your fruit reaches 210 degrees (this took exactly 15 minutes)
  • cool completely, skim the foam off the top, and then pour into jars
  • if you are not canning your preserves, keep jars in the refrigerator


If you have never made jam or preserves before, get ready. The house smelled SO good, Charlie needed to have a pb&j as soon as the strawberry preserves were done. It is intoxicating.

Short on time, I did not can the strawberry preserves. These preserves can be canned, but if you’re like me, simply  store them in covered jars in  the refrigerator.


simple strawberry preserves

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