Rustic {strawberry and balsamic} Galette

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Once again, the key word is rustic.

This is the ONLY way I make crust.
~ which is a shame because I love pie

I’m just not that good at it.
Maybe someday.

I have MANY berries in my fridge that will soon be too ripe.

Since berries of any kind are my most favorite things, I refuse to waste a single one.

I remember seeing this beautiful rustic pie at YummyMummy; that should do it!

For the galette:
2 cups of strawberries sliced
mixed with 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar and just a scant tsp of raw sugar

place berries in the middle of  1 – 9 inch {unbaked} pie crust ( go ahead and make your own – but I didn’t)

roughly fold over the edges {love the rustic look}
brush the crust with an egg wash
sprinkle with a bit of raw sugar

Bake on a parchment lined sheet @400F for 30 minutes
cool, slice, devour