{rolo} Brownies

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a friend posted this quote today

 ~Today is the oldest you have ever been, and the youngest you will ever be

quite fitting for today

it is my birthday
unfortunately, my beautiful, loving, outgoing, and oh so funny grandmother passed away today as well

I have been blessed with an amazing family
today I am feeling…

not exactly sure what it is I’m feeling

not exactly excited to be getting older, but
fortunate to be turning 42
not everyone is given that privilege

happy that my grandma is finally at peace
but also sad at our loss

this sort of day calls  for  good old fashioned comfort food, and at our family outings, brownies were always present

not fancy, gourmet brownies
from the box, covered in powdered sugar, brownies

seeing that it is my birthday I did dress them up a bit with mini rolos on top

smells like home:)

every day is a gift