Raspberry Crepes

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Pretty in Pink

Raspberry Crepes

Raspberry Crepes

I am generally a very happy and content person.

I have a wonderfully supportive husband. Two amazingly funny and energetic children. Loving family and friends.  A roof over my head, and there is always plenty of good food in the pantry.   I know how lucky I am.

Raspberry Crepes


I have days when nothing seems right.

My kids are unruly. Their rooms are unruly. Homework is out of control.

Raspberry crepes

My house is a disaster. Nothing at all is clean.

The to-do list gets longer instead of shorter, and dinner will not make itself.

General grumpiness all around.

Raspberry crepes

I’ve felt like this for the last two days, and then last night, while I was making dinner,  out of nowhere I got a terrible migraine. I was in bed straight from the table, leaving behind the dinner mess and lunch making.

I woke up to Charlie’s gentle voice in the hallway. He was talking to Finn, one of our three dogs.  Finn had made a mess in the hallway.  “Finn, why did you do that? You know you’re not allowed upstairs.” He was almost whispering. “That was not nice Finn.” And then I heard something else. Charlie began to clean up the mess.

Raspberry Crepes


I fell back to sleep, but then woke up to the sound of showers running, and there was NO yelling involved.

Another Whoa.

Finally, Stella quietly crept in to tell me about dance class, and kiss me goodnight.

Raspberry Crepes

At that moment I felt like the luckiest women in the world.  My kids stepped up in a big way when I needed them to, and I didn’t have to ask, They just did.

I woke up feeling rested {12 hours of sleep will do that for you} and ready to take on a new day.

Our day started with raspberry crepes. I think everyday should start with raspberry crepes. It’s really hard to not enjoy a day that starts with raspberry crepes.  They’re pink.

Raspberry Crepes

Raspberry Crepes


  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 pint of fresh raspberries
  • 1 Tbsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 4 Tbsp butter {melted}


  • In the jar of a blender, crack the eggs
  • add in the milk, raspberries, sugar, and salt
  • Blend to mix {making sure the berries are pureed}
  • Add the flour and butter, and continue to blend until smooth
  • {you can add a bit of cold water if the batter is too thick}
  • heat a crepe pan over med-high heat
  • brush with just a little melted butter if the pan is not well seasoned
  • pour batter, and immediately begin to rotate the pan to evenly distribute the batter
  • return the pan to the heat, and cook until the batter begin s to set{tiny bubble will appear}about 30 seconds
  • carefully flip and cook another 30 seconds
  • crepes can be kept warm in the oven while you finish the batter
  • serve with syrup, powdered sugar or with nutella and fruit

Raspberry Crepes


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