pumpkin risotto with brown butter and sage ~ Fiji Water perfection takes time

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got leftover Thanksgiving pumpkin?

make risotto I say

pumpkin risotto with browned butter and sage


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Sometimes, fast food is in order.

Quick breads, minute rice, instant oatmeal, and you know I’m a fan of the mug dessert.

But, there are times, especially around the holidays, that it’s important to take a little extra time. Time to enjoy family, the season, and of course good food, and sometimes that good food takes time as well.

And it is true, good things are worth the wait.

Pumpkin Risotto , one of my all time favorite fall dishes;

not your average busy weeknight meal, that’s for sure, but when challenged with creating a recipe for the Fiji Water Perfection takes Time campaign, that was what came to mind first.  Risotto takes time, it cannot be rushed, just as nature and the making of Fiji Water cannot be rushed, but in the end it is SO worth the effort.

Yes, you will be stirring,  a lot. And you will be waiting a lot, do NOT rush the process, risotto is slow food at it’s best.


pumpkin risotto


You can find my pumpkin risotto recipe, and many other Perfection Takes Time recipes at fijiwater.com