Prosecco Floats

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Have you ever seen something REALLY creative, you cannot wait to try it, and then soon you begin to see it everywhere?

This happens to me all of the time.
First…a bit of back story.

Today is the Fourth of July, but it also is my 14th wedding anniversary.

After a wonderful  wedding weekend with friends and family, we spent our honeymoon in Paris.
Of course it was magic!  How could it not be.

 One of the first things I noticed was that the French seemed to enjoy Champagne regularly.  I always had thought of Champagne as a drink for special occasions.

Who was I to argue. We began most meals and ended each evening with a glass of  bubbly.
 This could account for the slight weight gain during our 2 week stay

Not to say that we are BIG drinkers:)  but a glass of something sparkly on a Monday for no good reason is one of life’s many simple pleasures.

When I found a dessert recipe in Cooking Light for sorbet with prosecco, I knew it would make a fantastic addition to our anniversary meal  (which we will be enjoying after the littles are in bed)

In place of a bowl, I decided to place two scoops of raspberry sorbet
into chilled tumblers, and fill with Prosecco

adult style ice cream floats

Enjoy responsibly of course!

 ~not too shabby for a Wednesday night