Pizza {cones}

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Friday is pizza night.
Last night we had pizza cones.

Yes…you heard me.

Pizza cones.

Just like cones for ice cream, but for pizza toppings.
Well maybe not exactly like ice cream cones.

These cones are made using pizza dough
 homemade (recipe here) or store bought is fine

After rolling out your dough, you cut them into a rounded cone shape
   I found this nifty set at Sur la Table
that makes the cutting and shaping quite easy.

Seal the edges of the dough with water (leaving the opening of the cone …well…open)

Let your cones rest for 15 minutes
This was when I gathered my ingredients
   fresh cherry tomatoes sauteed in a bit of garlic
   diced fresh mozzarella
   sliced prosciutto

Slide your cones onto a mold
 (included in my nifty kit)

We grilled ours over indirect heat for 6 minutes
  you could also bake them @425
After grilling or baking, fill (to the brim) with your toppings of choice

Return to the grill {or oven} for 8 minutes
The toppings will be bubbling.

Allow to cool for just a bit before digging in.

After YEARS of Friday Family Pizza Nights – it’s nice to change it up a bit.


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