PB&J poptarts

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I said I was planning FUN lunches this year.

PB&J might not sound exciting to you (I happen to love it),
but when it’s tucked neatly inside pie crust, and baked with sprinkles, it sure looks cute:)

and when you use all natural homemade peanut butter and jam, it’s even healthy.

Sprinkles…not so much, but they are fun.

Remember, I said FUN lunches this year.

My kids will not be the ones trading at the lunch table!
Even better – they are easy to make:

1 pie crust cut into rectangles
peanut butter

jam – use whatever amounts you like

fold your rectangle in half and crimp the edges

brush with just a bit of milk

bake @350 for 15 minutes

PB&J poptarts.