Pay it Forward Challenge in 2013

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I found this GREAT idea over at Just us Four,
and just HAD to participate.

Of course, it’ll be that much more fun if you participate as well.

Here’s how it works:{most of this text borrowed from The McBailey’s}:
The first 5 people to comment below will receive, from French Press, something in 2013. It may be handmade, or a book, something sparkly, a SURPRISE! I won’t tell you when you’re getting it, I will just send it when the spirit moves me!
There is, of course, a catch. Those 5 people must make the same offer on their blog. If you don’t make the offer, I can’t send you anything…that’s so sad because I want to send you something. So make sure you do and let’s get this challenge rolling.
So grab the button, share it on your blog, and then leave me a comment with a link to YOUR blog post. Make 2013 a year of giving and bring a little bit of sunshine to someone’s day.
Please note, if you do  by Vid-Saver”>join the challenge, make sure you give me your email address so I can get your mailing address and send ya something.

The McBaileys

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I would love it if you would participate!
P.S. If you do participate, be sure to go over and visit The McBailey’s and link up too so she can see how far her challenge spreads.