Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Tenders

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Parmesan-crusted chicken tenders

I cannot believe how fast the summer has gone by; I guess that happens when you spend most of the month of July traveling.  I feel like it was just Memorial Day weekend with the entire summer before us, and in the blink of an eye here we are  back to school and it’s October 1st.

As much as I love the relaxed schedule of summertime, I always get excited for the start of a new year. How can you not love new school supplies? I also take this new start as a chance to re-inspire my meal planning.

While I don’t ever plan on giving up Taco Tuesday or make-your-own-pizza nights, the rest of the week is usually up in the air. I have one kid that loves his meat and another who is not a fan. I have one that loves her pasta, of course my meat eater really doesn’t care for pasta, unless it’s mac and cheese.

parmesean-crusted chicken tenders

They both like breakfast for dinner, but one likes pancakes or waffles and the other is all about the bacon and eggs. You get the idea. The only thing they both like…chicken tenders.

SO I was incredibly happy to find a fast and easy recipe for Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Tenders in the 30-Minute Weeknight Meal section using Foster Farms DORI™.


What is DORI™ you may be wondering?  DORI™ is a new interactive, on-package QR code on all packages of Foster Farms fresh chicken. Scan the new DORI™ QR code for exclusive coupons, hundreds of original recipes using Foster Farms chicken, a map of Foster Farms’ local California and Pacific Northwest chicken ranches, savings, and more.

parmesean-crusted chicken tenders with DORI

Chicken night just got a whole lot more fun!

I never knew how easy chicken tenders at home could be. These Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Tenders Were ready in 30 minute, start to finish. Even better than how easy they were to prepare, these baked (not fried) chicken tenders were super crunchy, and the entire family loved them.

parmesean-crusted chicken tenders

I found so many fast and easy weeknight recipes on DORI™ that our school year dinner menu is looking pretty much rut free.

Of course the kids chose the Cornmeal Crusted Chicken Nuggets to try next.



parmesean-crusted chicken tenders


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