Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Cherries

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{Recipe from a friend}

Hi, I’m excited to be guest posting today as part of blog swap… if you are looking for Heather, click here to check out her post on my blog.  She made an awesome treat!

A few months back I participated in a foodie penpal exchange and received a box of steel cut oats.  I have to admit, I never heard of them.  My go-to box was round with the Quaker Oats Man on it!  But lately I have been using this box to make oatmeal cookies.  The DIY Guy (my husband) really likes the texture that these provide.  You can see the first time I used these at this post.

A friend of mine suggested using dried cherries instead of the raisins and chocolate chips instead of the nuts.  So here is the latest version…  Hope you enjoy!


Thanks for having me Heather!  I know we will stay in touch!

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