oat milk butterscotch pudding

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oat milk butterscotch pudding

pudding is the ultimate comfort food. not only is this butterscotch pudding vegan made with oat milk and coconut oil, it is ready in only 15 minutes.

last week i made oat milk chocolate pudding.

stella is sticking with her vegan  diet, and i love a good challenge. so,  we’ve been experimenting daily, and for the most part have been loving the results. this vegan nacho cheese is SO good and we make these black bean burgers weekly.

but hands down the oat milk pudding was the BEST!!

the chocolate pudding was good, but i  am all about the butterscotch. plus, tomorrow happens to be national butterscotch pudding day, yes its a thing.

using this oat milk chocolate pudding as a guide, i made a butterscotch pudding that is thick, creamy, and the ultimate comfort food.

vegan oat milk butterscotch pudding

vegan butterscotch pudding

oat milk butterscotch pudding



  • in a saucepan stir together the brown sugar, cornstarch, and salt
  • slowly, stir in the oat milk, and continue stirring while the pudding cooks over medium low heat
  • cook until the pudding coats the back of a wooden spoon (about 10 minutes)
  • stir in the coconut oil, remove from heat, and stir in the vanilla
  • spoon into a bowl, or individual serving dishes
  • pudding can be served warm, or cover with plastic wrap (to prevent a skin forming) and chill until ready to serve
** pudding thickens as it cools

vegan oat milk butterscotch pudding