Nutella Braid

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Our summer schedule has been anything but ordinary.

Not that it’s a bad thing.  I enjoy days when we don’t have a set plan.
We may be sleeping in a bit much:)

Most days we’re eating breakfast when most others are already on lunch.
This makes for hungry tummies around 3p.m.
Too late for lunch, but still a while before dinner.

This nutella braid is my “cheat” for the classic pain au chocolat.
A perfect late-afternoon snack {if you ask me}

This could NOT be any easier.

For the Braid:
1 tube of crescent rolls (we love Trader Joe’s)
nutella or TJ’s chocolate almond spread (you can use as much as you like)

Roll the dough into one rectangle
Cut into three strips

Spread each with nutella



Bake @325 for 15-20 minutes

Try not to eat the whole loaf


 ~ meet the newest member of the family

Finneus (don’t mind my  -in need of a pedi -toes)