My week in an Instagram

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Well, we are back in school, and it wasn’t nearly as shocking to my system as I thought.

Mind you, I REALLY do not like getting up at 6:30, but it is nice to be on a schedule again.

What is shocking…I am the mother of a 4th grader and a middle schooler.
Middle School – lockers, science lab, debate club, football.
I think it was easier sending him to kindergarten.

But – he was thrilled

good thing I now have 6 mobile puppies to keep me busy

and spending an entire day baking a cake is a good way NOT to be worried about your kids in school

yes, I’m a worrier.  Someday I hope to outgrow this.  I think my kids hope the same thing.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday.
We’re off for a bike ride.