My week in an Instagram

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Is it just me, or are we moving at warp speed?

How it got to be the end of July I still cannot figure out.
This week especially, with Charlie returning from South Carolina and my mom visiting for a bit, I am shocked it’s Sunday already.

The Christmas displays at Michael’s craft store aren’t helping much either:)

This week:

Stella made angle food cupcakes for Grandma’s birthday

Bellini’s are a must

We found two extra kitchen helpers

Greta has now joined us in sleeping WAY late {school is going to be a BIG shock}

Finneus went for his first bike ride

Had a SUPER fun backyard camp out {the kids actually slept}
There is nothing better than gazing at the stars while you drift off to sleep.

Ian and I enjoyed another fantastic at-home date night.

Life is GOOD!