My week in an Instagram


What an exciting and exhausting week we have had.
With only 2 weeks of summer vacation remaining, we are really packing it in.

Non-stop playdates
Bike rides
Late night Olympic watching

and even more exciting:

2 of our girls, Peri and Lucy, laid their first eggs
Penny will hopefully be laying very soon

We have been having SO much fun watching the Olympics, we decided to order the Tower Bridge from Lego – wow are there A LOT of pieces, but we are having a blast working together

Probably the MOST exciting is the addition of 6 – 2 day old puppies and their poor momma Georgia
 ~ she is such a love

We are fostering this family until they can all be adopted; we LOVE our Grace Foundation of Northern California, and we are all head over heels for Kate, Pippa, Beatrice, Camilla, Harry, and Marsh (he totally looks like a big fluffy marshmallow)

Ended our week with cocktails and swimming with great friends, and are ready for another.