My week in an Instagram

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In a word this week has been H.O.T.

Which I suppose is fine when you have some fun things to do inside
 where there is air conditioning.

You know it’s hot when the dogs come inside and lay on the ac vents.

This week we…

completed tower one of the bridge and began tower two – hopefully we can complete this set before school begins on the 23 (I would love to dine at my dining room table some time soon)

 had fun staring at  the adorable puppies, now 1 week old, they are squirming all around and squeak a lot
 – any local Folsom/Sac friends want to adopt a puppy? 🙂

I never anticipated  being one to have nine dogs in my home, but I am enjoying all the fur babies

made and then roasted homemade marshmallows – I will never be able to eat a store bought marshmallow again, they were THAT good

enjoyed a lobster bake (on the grill) for date night @home
with the exception of having to clean up, I LOVE dining on my deck more than any fancy dinner out
although, at 9 pm it was still 95 degrees; how I miss that delta breeze

ended our week with a day at the lake

Finneus enjoyed his first swim

We’re coming up on our last full week of summer vacation, and I am SO hoping for a cool down.

Hope you had a great week!