My Recipe Magic

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Something tells me that if you are here reading this, you LOVE recipes.

{reading a food blog gives you away}

There is a TERRIFIC new site just for people like us … My Recipe Magic




This recipe sharing community was created by the lovely ladies of Six Sister Stuff and it truly is a one stop shop for ANY foodie.

You can browse from a HUGE selections of recipes, put together  your meal plan for the week, calculate the nutritional value of each dish, and you can even print out a shopping list.

Type in the ingredients you have at home, and My Recipe Magic finds recipes for you.

The little chef will even provide you with recipes that  match what  you like.

{how cool is that}


Do you have a recipe that you’d just LOVE to share…do it!

Did you know that My Recipe Magic shares their ad revenue with it’s recipe sharers?  They do.

How does this work?   You submit your delicious recipe onto promote it by sharing it on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and any other social media site you love to use, and earn money!  If you happen to be a blogger, has a “Magic” button you can add to your blog to that will direct your readers to your  recipe on


The more your recipe is liked, shared, and viewed the  more money you make!

Here’s a snippet of my page –



There’s something new at MRM…Reward Points

{who doesn’t  like being rewarded}

The more you use My Recipe Magic, the more points you earn.  These can then be used for online gift cards and giveaway entries.

To get started using My Recipe Magic you need to sign up as a chef. Once you create an account you’re ready to start uploading your recipes!  Adding a recipe is really easy. Simply fill out the recipe form on the website, upload a picture {make it a good one}, Picmonkey is GREAT for photo editing 🙂  and click submit. The recipe loving people at MRM verify each recipe so there aren’t any duplicates on the site.  Once your recipe is published,  you will receive an e-mail letting you know it’s on the site.  To view all of your recipes click on “My Recipes”. Head over to your dashboard to view your recipes, your page views, how much money you earned, and your analytics!

Here is just a little more information on how to use My Recipe Magic

I LOVE adding my recipes to the site, and it definitely DOES bring traffic to the blog, but even more than that, I LOVE finding new menu ideas.

{we all get in a menu planning rut from time to time}

I have 14 meals in my  MRM menu,so the next time I’m headed to the store, I just need to click and print. My list is all ready to go.

{I don”t know about you, but I don’t LOVE making my grocery list}

so I DO  love that My Recipe Magic does that for me, and I promise you’ll love it too.