Mulling Spice

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mulling spice

There is nothing more soothing than a hot drink on a cold night.

and the perfect companion to that hot drink
 mulling spices
I am a BIG fan of the mulled beverage
and it makes the house smell
I’ve been buying mulling spices for years,
but this year I decided to try my own blend.
These little bundles are SO cute –  with a bottle of cider or nice red wine, I bet they’d make great little hostess gifts
 {just a thought}
I used natural cheesecloth
and in each small square I placed :
1 star anise
2 cardamom pods
4 whole allspice
and 1/4 tsp of cloves
gather up the corners to tie in a bundle
tucking in  1 cinnamon stick
then simply simmer in you beverage of choice
‘Tis the Season