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well, it’s been a minute. but i am back with my new breakfast obsession. muesli.

easy homemade muesli recipe

two major trips done. one left to go. then we will have exactly 10 days before school starts again. what a whirlwind of a summer. it feels like most days i am either packing, unpacking, or doing vacations laundry. that and eating muesli.

easy muesli recipe

our travels began in london, a city i have never been to. i planned to eat my weight in crumpets and fish and chips. while i did enjoy a traditional pub fish and chips, i left without sampling a single crumpet.

what i missed in crumpets i made up for in muesli. i am a creature of habit, and often get into food ruts. vacation is no exception. on one family vacation to san diego i had fish tacos for dinner every. single. night.

on this european vacation i had muesli for breakfast every. single. morning.

what exactly is muesli

easy muesli recipe

muesli is a close relative of granola. traditionally, muesli is made with rolled oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. it can also be made with other whole grains such as amaranth, kamut, and rye.

unlike granola, muesli is uncooked. i love to eat it like cereal with cold milk, but muesli can be soaked like overnight oats, or eaten with yogurt like my favorite granola.

easy muesli recipe

easy muesli recipe




  • combine the oats, grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit
  • toss with a dash of cinnamon
  • store in an airtight container

easy muesli recipe

this easy muesli recipe is completely customizeable. in place of the kamut puffs use millet. no buckwheat flakes use bran or wheat. no oat bran, use wheat bran.

the formula is easy – 2 cups rolled oats + 1 cups of flakes + 1 1/2 cups other whole grains such as cracked wheat, rye, or puffs

to the grains add 1 cup of nuts + 1/2 cup of seeds + 1 cup of dried fruit

the combinations are endless

i did enjoy the muesli in london more than in paris, mostly because it had a bit of added sweetness. so for serving i like to sprinkle mine with a bit of brown sugar.

easy muesli recipe

all things in moderation right?