meal prep | week 3

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another week of meal prep already

January always feels like the l o n g e s t month to me.

After the hustle and bustle of holidays and birthdays, the month usually drags by,

but not this year, I cannot believe we’re already more than half way through the month. Meal prep has been such a fun project for me, and has really helped to keep me organized, my number one goal for 2015.

meal prep week 3

This week my meal prep included –

1 | poached chicken for tonight’s creamy baked chicken pasta, and  shredded the extra chicken for enchiladas long live taco tuesday

2 | marinara sauce for turkey and spinach calzones

3 | multi grain loaves, based on these harvest grain rolls; we’ll have bread for our meals and also  sandwiches for lunches

4 | homemade yogurt and another batch of granola of course, we never have enough granola

5 | the usual fruit and veggie prep – carrot, celery, and zucchini sticks, broccoli, cucumber slices, berries, oranges and grape fruits peeled and segmented

6 | our hens have been terrific layers this winter; I hard-boiled enough eggs for a few quick breakfasts and snacks

7| buttermilk waffles for the freezer, for another quick before school breakfast

and I could not forget a sweet treat

8 | these wheat free chocolate chip cookies disappeared, so I made another batch for lunch boxes

I’d love to hear what you’re prepping or tips to stay organized in the kitchen.