meal prep | week 2

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Week 1 went so well, I’m back for more meal prepping madness.

It’s a good thing I was so organized last week; I ended up with a migraine to end all migraines. I was so sick I couldn’t even make Charlie his birthday pizzaookie. Ian had to order one. As a kid I would have LOVED a non-homemade birthday treat, all we got was homemade. NOT my kids. Sure they ate the pizzookie; what’s not to love, but they did mention oh I don’t know about a millions times that it tasted weird, not like my  homemade pizzookie.

That should have made me feel good, instead I felt SO guilty.


meal prep | week 2


At least they had meals and snacks while I was down.

By Sunday I was feeling better, not great, but was determined for another successful, well organized week.

My prep list –

1 | our usual trio of berries, washed and sliced

2 | cut up veggies for snacking – cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, and bell pepper strips

3 | triple berry scones for quick breakfasts or snacks (recipe coming later this week)


triple berry scones


4 | made a pot of chickpeas – we love them on salads, and I made enough for hummus as well

5 | chicken stock which we will use for chicken and dumpling soup tonight

6 | Sundays ham with leftovers to use for ham and cheese crepes later in the week

7 | white bread to use for sandwiches as well as for the dumplings

8 | two french bread loaves – one for the soup, and one to freeze

9 | quick tomato sauce for pasta night


10 | chocolate chip cookies and granola bars for lunch box snacks


I’m enjoying this prep so much, I already have next week’s list done.