how to make crispy baked curly fries

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move over zoodles, I found my new favorite way to spiralize…crispy baked curly fries

how to make the best crispy baked curly fries

French fries are my number one biggest weakness. Doughnuts, especially these jelly doughnuts, may be a close second, but for guilty food pleasures nothing can top my love of french fries.

I have tried to love baked fries as much, and they are good, but they are not the same. Healthier yes, but when I am craving french fries, they just don’t cut it.

That was until I tried to spiralize potatoes. I really didn’t think it would work, I’m not sure why, but I didn’t see it going well. I can tell you I am now addicted to spiralizing potatoes. Even more so than zucchini, and this summer I spiralized TONS of zucchini.

And the best thing to do with spiralized potatoes is make baked curly fries.

Spiralized baked crispy fries are super simple to make, and believe me when I say just as good, if not better, than the fried version.

To make them super crispy, soak your spiralized potatoes in cold water for about an hour.  After a good soak, drain the potatoes on paper towels. I did cut some of the longer spirals to make baking easier. Make sure they are DRY; the fries will not crisp in the oven if there is still moisture. Toss your spirals in a bit of olive oil, and give them a sprinkle of sea salt.  Place the potatoes in a single layer, making sure not to crowd them. Bake until golden and crispy, and then enjoy your delicious nearly guilt free curly fries.

crispy baked curly fries

crispy baked curly fries


  • 2 russet potatoes, ends cut
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • sea salt


  • preheat the oven to 400 degrees
  • line 2 baking sheets with parchment or silpat mats
  • cut the ends off  of each potato, and spiralize using the larger triangle blade (for fettuccine)
  • soak the potatoes in cold water for 60 minutes
  • drain the potatoes on paper towels, removing as much moisture as possible
  • carefully toss with olive oil (cutting any spirals that are too long)
  • place potatoes on baking sheets - being careful not to overcrowd
  • bake for 20 minutes, and then rotate baking sheets
  • check potatoes  after another 10 minutes - they may take 5 or 10 minutes more
  • serve hot

Baking times may vary. I had some thinner pieces that were crisp after 40 minutes, and some of the thicker spirals needed a bit more time.  My best advice is to check them every 5 minutes or so after the first 30.

I made my curly fries with good old fashioned russet potatoes skins on of course, but curly sweet potatoes are next up.


crispy baked curly fries