Loving life in Folsom #Championsofhome

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Historic Sutter Street #championsofhome #clevergirls


I’ve lived in California for almost 18 years, but truthfully have really only recently thought of it as my home. It’s much different from my hometown of Buffalo, New York.  GO BILLS  


and it took me a long time to get used to just how different it is


Sutter Street #championsofhome #cleergirls


Don’t get me wrong, it is a GORGEOUS place to live, and in our area of Northern California, there is always something to  do, but until we found our home in Historic Folsom, I never really felt “at home” in the sunshine state.


two of the kids favorites…


Snooks #championnsofhome #clevergilrs


Railroad Museum #championsofhome #clevergirls


you cant beat homemade chocolate from Snooks, and Charlie has loved trains, and the railroad museum since birth


 In our area of Folsom, we have a little bit of country, “Have you met my girls?”




neighbors barn #championsofhome #clevergirls


{ some may find it an  eyesore, but  I am in LOVE with “old man Vern’s” barn }


and a little bit of city – with SO many great shops, restaurants, and even the kids schools in walking distance. My car only get’s used to head to our local Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.


Sutter Street SteakHouse #championsofhome #clevergirls


 the Sutter Street Steakhouse is our favorite restaurant


roost #championsofhome #clevergirlsGracefully Vintage #championsofhome #clevergirlsRoost and Gracefully Vintage are the BEST for vintage prop shopping


We hike  or bike the trails {which are literally in our back yard} nearly every weekend, and our deck, with it’s incredible view is our favorite room in the house.


our view #championnsofhome #clevergirls


We’re close enough to San Francisco, making it our favorite day trip, and  Lake Tahoe is less than an hour away; we just LOVE floating down the Truckee River.


Our neighborhood is so diverse;  on our little block alone we have a family that has lived on the street for ore than 50 years, PLENTY of kids playing in the street, and young 20 somethings just starting out.  As I walk the kids to school each morning, I can see myself walking these same streets 30 years from now.


Gas Light Building #championsofhome #clevergirls Cohn Mansion #championsofhome #clevergirls


 The Gaslight Building and Cohn Mansion are two of my favorite buildings on Sutter St.


 It’s true that real estate in California is a wee bit pricey, but  by working with a trusted agent, and knowing what is is you are really looking for, owning a home can be for everyone.


We had almost completely given up on our search, and at the very last moment, found our home in the neighborhood we had been dreaming about for years. One look and we just knew it was meant to be, and months of looking, and worrying, and looking some more paid off. We’ve been in Historic Folsom for almost three years already, and I truly cannot see myself living anywhere else.


favorites spaces on our home #championsofhome #clevergirls


 my three favorite spots at home

    • What starts with one California REALTOR® benefits all of California. That’s the underlying sentiment of the California Association of REALTORS® (CAR) integrated consumer ad campaign called ‘Ripple’.


  • Now in its second year, the “Ripple” campaign connects the dots between REALTORS® and the California economy, illustrating how a Champion of Home™ can help consumers close on their dreams and, together, benefit the entire state. For example, one of the campaign spots tells the story of how a REALTOR® gave a family pricing and marketing strategies to help them sell their home.



  • While highlighting the intrinsic value of REALTORS® as Champions of Home™, the “Ripple” campaign goes beyond the story of the individual REALTOR® and focuses on the powerful positive economic impact that REALTORS®, buyers, and sellers are making throughout California. The facts (Source: National Association of REALTORS®):
      • One job is generated for every two home sales


  • One home purchase stimulates the economy by $60K
  • A homeowner’s net worth is 34 times that of a renter




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