Life’s Better at the Beach {Office Makeover}

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Yes, life should be a beach, even at the office.

  Beach Life {Office makeover} Brought to you by Glidden Paint  

You’d be surprised by how much time a food blogger does NOT spend in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the kitchen A LOT, but I’m actually in my office A LOT more.  Our office/den is a fabulous room in theory.  


my office makeover brought to you by glidden paint  

It has AMAZING light, gorgeous French doors that lead to the deck, and the view is stunning. Trouble is, this room has gotten ZERO attention since moving in over two years ago. It was the room that got the leftover furniture; the daybed that we no longer had a guest room for, the side tables that didn’t look right in our new living room, and the desk that was much too large for Stella’s bedroom. In other words, it was a mess. I found myself not wanting to work in there, but I was tired of always moving my computer to the kitchen to work when I did have a great room just waiting to be discovered. Just by getting rid of a few pieces of furniture, I liked the room so much more, but it wasn’t until after our spring break vacation to the beach, that I found my inspiration. We rent the same house on Litchfield beach every time we visit, and this year I finally figured out what it was that made it SO special. Sure, it’s gorgeous and sits right on the ocean, but the other homes do as well. For me, it was the color. Each room was painted a cool, calming ocean color – light tans, blues, and greens are throughout each and every room. I know I don’t live at the beach, but I wanted my office to reflect my love of the ocean. My husband does not enjoy painting, so it was going to be up to me. Ladies, you CAN do this. I started a pinterest board to save my painting inspiration, and anytime I saw a color combination I liked, I would add it to my board. I also used the Glidden Color My Room tool to see how the colors I chose would look together. Once you take the guesswork out of choosing, the painting is SO much fun. I started with a few sample cans, {it’s SO much easier to choose without paint sample cards stuck all over the room}  


test painting brought to you by glidden paint  

and right away I was amazed by how a little Glidden paint can change the look of an entire room.  

getting ready for the chalkpaint brought to you by glidden paint DIY chalkboard paint   paint lines seasoning the chalkboard

  After the walls and my DIY chalkboard (to make chalkboard paint, mix 1/2 cup of baking soda for every cup of paint you use {my board is a 45 inch square, and used 1 1/2 cups of paint}, rub a business card along the edges of the painters tape to get a good seal, and your lines will be perfect season the chalkboard surface by rubbing chalk {on it’s side} over the entire area, and wiping with a dry rag)*.

*Glidden paint recommends creating chalkboard paint using a formula of 4 parts interior latex paint, 4 parts interior faux patina liquid glaze, and 1 part cement-based/non-sanded tile grout.

I decided to paint my desk and chair. I’m still using my daughter’s old Ikea desk, and I LOVE how large it is, but it was SO in need of a makeover.  


the mess before brought to you by glidden paint

  Paint made all the difference, and I was so inspired by how great the room was looking, that I made a desk skirt to hide all of the cords, plugs, and office supplies that were on the shelves and under the desk.  

Office makeover brought to you by glidden paint

  Once you start painting, and you realize how easy it actually is, it’s almost impossible to stop. I now have plans to work on the laundry room – I’m hoping if it’s pretty I’ll be more likely to want to be in there as well.

dd66714f0a4bbf1378facb3dc3fb3eee   DIY Chalkboard for my office makeover   Desk Makeover brought to you by glidden paint    

Leave a comment on tell me what room in your home you’d like to makeover for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card. Happy Painting! 

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