how I’m sticking to my weight loss plan


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a great big thank you to Kellogg’s Special K for  helping me to stick to my weight loss plan and for sponsoring this post

how I'm sticking to my weight loss plan

I don’t think I intended to document my weight loss on the blog. Probably due to the fact that I didn’t really think it was going to work. I have struggled with my weight and losing it for the last few years, really since turning 40. And I do mean struggle. I may love food, but I always felt I had a very healthy diet. Not really snacking much, very few deserts, and  only the occasional treat. Not really knowing what to cut, I would make a major diet change. Well you all know how that goes…not very well at all.

Diets don’t work. Weight loss shakes don’t work. Fancy pre-packaged meals don’t work. It may seem so in the beginning. The weight will come off, but none of them are sustainable. In the end the weight will come back, and usually more than was lost.

how I'm sticking to my weight loss plan

But 2017 is my year.  I have been on top of my eating, and my moving, and with the help of Kellogg’s Special K Snack Bars and Bites, even when I am on the go I can stay on track.

What has worked for me so far…

make small changes – even cutting just 100 calories a day can add up to a major loss over time, and 100 calories is not a lot (even a skinny sugar-free vanilla latte has 130 calories)

move more – I’ve had a fitbit for years, but did not use it often at all, now it is on me 24/7, and each day I make it my goal to add a few more steps than the day before

eat foods that aid weight loss – salads and celery will only cut it for so long, adding more eggs and oatmeal, lean meat and nuts and yogurt all help with weight loss (and will leave you feeling satisfied)

breakfast – like it or not, skipping breakfast is a deal breaker for weight loss, yogurt (a great food for weight loss) topped with berries and a bit of granola is my go-to, but I love these 0 point banana pancakes too

how I'm sticking to my weight loss plan


sleep – I make better food choices when I am well rested and it turns  out that more sleep = more efficient fat burning, put down those phones and ipads and get to bed early

everything in moderation – if  I eliminate a food entirely, surely that is all I am going to want. so nothing is off limits. if I absolutely have to have desert, I’ll have some, but in a smaller amount

don’t get too hungry – for me this is the most important, when I get too hungry, I make poor food choices or simply eat too much.

Special K  protein and nourish snack bars and bites are a great way to keep myself from getting too hungry even when I’m on the go. I always have a few bars and a bag of snack bites in  my purse. When I feel the hunger creep in, which it usually does in the carpool line, I pop a few bites. The caramel nut protein  snack bites are my absolute  favorite, and with 9 grams of protein per serving, they keep me full until mealtime.

Special K is far more than just a cereal; visit Special K for all of their  new Nourish and Protein Snack Bites, or new Snack Bar varieties,  and follow @SpecialKUS on Facebook and Twitter.

and I’d love to hear how you keep on track with your health or weight-loss goals

thank you to  Kellogg’s Special K for sponsoring this post