Ice Cream Sandwich {ice cream cake}

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I first saw this delicious looking cake made by Jen @tatertots and jello.

Ice cream cakes are always on my summer to-do list and never on my done list.

Jen’s cake was so easy,  (check it out here to see for yourself) I knew I could get this one checked off in no time,
and because we are still enjoying triple digit temperatures, I am thrilled that no baking is required.

It was also the perfect dessert to use my {three stops to find}Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Bars.
Have you seen these?

Yum.  Your favorite GS cookies made into a nestle crunch  bar.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake:
1 box of 12 ice cream sandwiches (you will use 11)
whipped cream
hot fudge or chocolate sauce
candy/cookie of your choice (we are using the Peanut Butter Creme bars)

Line a baking dish (I used an 8×8) with foil
create the first layer of ice cream sandwiches (use 5 1/2)

smooth on a layer of whipped cream
top with fudge and a crumbled cookie or candy bar

repeat the sandwich, cream, and fudge layers
top it off with larger pieces of candy or cookie (whichever you are using)

Stella could not wait…

freeze the cake for at least an hour

melts very quickly when it’s 102!

but…this mother daughter duo took care of that quick

Seriously easy, delicious, and prefect for HOT summer nights.