{homemade} Pixie Sticks

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Homemade Pixie Sticks are perfect not just for Halloween
Homemade Pixie Sticks

Halloween is here.

This means late night doorbell ringing
Dogs barking
Kids running through the streets

Why can’t children talk quietly?
Just a thought

and plenty of sugar

I love the idea of Halloween
Dressing up
Glowing pumpkins
Scary movies

but the sugar
and worse than that
the moods AFTER the sugar


That, I can live without

I want my kids to have fun
and eat what everyone else is eating
but if I can sneak in a little something with “less” sugar
I’m all for it

These DIY Pixie Sticks are  not so much a recipe as an idea
a fun idea if I may add

simply grind up some freeze dried fruit
– you can add sugar {just a few tablespoons per cup of fruit}
but our fruit was already sweet
so I went without

then all you need to do is fold down the ends of some paper straws
filler up
fold the other end
and there you have it

all the fun of a pixie stick
and no sugar crash

well that is unless you ate a bowl full of Reese’s first

Happy Halloween