Homemade Corndogs

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Now, I know you’re probably thinking…
these do not look like corn dogs.

They’re round
not oval (as my son so kindly pointed out)

They do not have a stick (also pointed out by my loving children)

They are not fried (doesn’t that add flavor Stella asked?)

all valid points, but…

mine are healthyish
easily  packable
completely delicious (even without frying)

I also happen to think they’re really cute.
Charlie’s friends at school thought they were awesome:)

at least someone appreciates me.

inspired from these @weelicious

For the corn dogs:
3 all natural hot dogs (cut in half)
1 recipe of cornbread (I used the Trader Joe’s mix)

butter a  6 cup {large}muffin tin
divide the batter in half
divide evenly among the 6 cups

place 1/2 hot dog in each cup
add a squirt of ketchup

top with the remaining batter

bake @350 for about 20 – 25 minutes (follow your cornbread instructions)

I have totally got this lunch packing thing down!