Healthy Choices for Busy Families #healthychoices

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Some days I feel like SUPER mom

kids are up on time

hot breakfast waiting for them

house gets cleaned

dinner is in the crock pot

work is completed

everyone gets where they need to be after school

and we meet up at the end of the day to a great meal.

and then there are MOST days

House is messy

laundry is piling up

kids are headed in 10 different directions which means I get to spend my entire afternoon in the car


hubby left his keys somewhere his car is not

so off to work to pick him up.

It’s 6:00

there is NO dinner waiting at home

and we are stuck in traffic.

This is when

Healthy Choice comes in REAL handy.

{and it’s even more budget friendly with the coupon}

Honestly, we don’t eat many frozen meals at all,

but for nights like these, it is SO convenient.

The kids each get a meal of their choice

{no whining at all}

with a huge selection of Healthy Choice Top Chef  Cafe Steamers,

there truly is something for everyone.

I was hoping to try the crustelss pot pie, but they were gone.

I chose Chicken Marsala instead, and it was delicious.

Stella decided to try the ravioli,


and before I even blinked, they had disappeared.

Charlie LOVED his BBQ steak SO much, he wanted one for his lunch:)

We even brought home  Healthy Choice Greek frozen yogurt for dessert.

Sure, stopping for fast food is “fast” as well,

but not really the healthiest of choices.

While the kids helped to


the meals

I had time to prepare a strawberry salad.

{pretty much how I make sure the kids are getting their veggies}

In a matter of minutes we were sitting down to dinner

and dessert

and everyone was happy.
{you can see my Google + story here}

You’re never too busy to make #healthychoices!

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