headache helper green juice – for blendtec


green juice


I come from a long line of migraine sufferers, and have dealt with headaches most of my adult life.

I’ve tried massage, acupuncture, yoga, herbs (most of them totally gross) and countless medications. For the most part none of it works, meaning that I have more days than I’d like to think about where I get little to nothing done at all.

It has gotten easier now that the kids are older and can pretty much take care of themselves, but I still feel so guilty when days go by and all I can do is lay on the couch or in bed. That and my house is usually a disaster zone when I’m down for more than a day.

As a last resort I started to search for foods that helped with headaches, migraines specifically.

bananas, pineapple, cucumber for hydration

sounded like a great juice to me


fruit for juice


I also  added some green apple and kale, ’cause I LOVE a good green juice

I’m not sure if it  was a mind over matter thing, but I actually felt better, not 100% but better, and I didn’t have to take  any more pills to do it, and that made me feel great.

you can find the recipe for this  green juice over at on blendtec’s site


headache helper green juice