Firecracker Lemonade

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We are REALLY in the holiday spirit this year!

It’s all about the red, white, and blue.

Last night was the Folsom annual running of the bulls beginning the Pro-Rodeo festivities.
Seriously people… they were in our front yard.

yes…this is the tree in the front yard

The neighborhood kids excitedly waited all afternoon.
Not that they needed any extra  fun, I spotted a FABULOUS idea over at gimme some oven for sparkling berry lemonade.  Once again I had everything I needed  – LOVE when that happens.

AND…since it is 4th of July time – I went with red, white (well light yellow), and blue lemonade.

You should have heard the popping in my kitchen.

For the Firecracker lemonade:
Lemonade  – use your favorite
berries – we used raspberries and blackberries

dip the rim of your glasses in syrup – I used agave
dip in poprocks
place a few berries in the bottom of each glass
fill with lemonade

Enjoy – let the popping begin!