Eggs baked in an Avocado


Monday is the BIG day.

The beginning of my 28 day cleanse.

No coffee
No dairy
No meat
No wheat
No alcohol
NO sugar

The first week is the  most strict; only allowing fruits and vegetables.
I really am excited to begin, but after all of the holiday indulging,
I need to ease myself into the cleanse.

Especially when it comes to  bread.
I LOVE my carbs,
certainly more than one should.

So…I am cutting back for the next few days.

Eggs baked in an avocado

this really is too easy to be considered a recipe
cut your avocado in half
remove the pit
crack an egg into each cup
season with salt and pepper
{I added just a pinch of shredded cheese}
bake @425 for about 15 minutes {depending on how you like your eggs}

Delicious, and I did not even miss my toast:)