Coffee and Doughnut Milkshake

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It’s National Donut Day

Celebrate in style with a Coffee and Doughnut Milkshake

coffee and doughnut milkshake #nationaldoughnutday


Put down that peach.

Forget about that diet.

Hide your scales.

It’s #nationaldoughnutday

coffee and doughnut milkshake #nationaldoughnutday


Tell me, does it get any better than bakeries and grocery stores all across the country throwing free doughnuts at you all day long…I think not.

And what goes better with doughnuts than coffee, but it is H O T here today, and the only way I want my coffee is iced.


Blended with ice cream and ย few doughnuts



It is Friday after all, live it up

National Doughnut day only comes once a year

The powdered cinnamon ย and sugar cake doughnuts also made me think about the Cinnabon ย Cinnamon Roll Creamer I had in the fridge

That went in as well.

It’s getting crazy up in here.

Probably cause I fed these to the kids…oops

Laps in the pool it is.


coffee and doughnut milkshake #nationaldoughnutday


Coffee and Doughnut Milkshake


  • 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 4 mini cake doughnuts {ours were cinnamon and sugar}
  • 1/4 cup of coffee {chilled} sweetened with cinnamon roll creamer {this is optional but very good}


  • place everything in the jar of a blender, and blend until you have your desired consistency
  • serve with doughnuts on the side of course




coffee and doughnut milkshake #nationaldoughnutday