Cinnamon Roll Waffles

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My days seem to be disappearing.
Football practice begins next week, school the following week, and middle school orientation…
when did I become the parent of a middle schooler?

With so much left on my summer bucket list, I need to get the MOST out of every day.
Unfortunately, that means getting up a bit earlier, and possibly a little less time in the kitchen
(only until school starts)

This morning, it wasn’t too hot, so we decided to eat on the deck.
Probably my favorite place to be.

Cinnamon roll waffles may not be MY genius idea, but they sure are good.
We do love our cinnamon rolls.

I enjoy making the rolls from scratch, but today was not the day to spend hours making breakfast.
Too much time inside means it’s way too hot outside to eat.

Quick and easy is what I needed.

step 1 – heat waffle iron
step 2 – open can of Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls
step 3 – place roll on waffle iron and close
step 4 – cook
step 5 – drizzle with icing

after slaving for a whole 5 minutes in the kitchen, breakfast is served

Are you trying to squeeze 2 months of fun into two weeks like we are?