Chocolate Raspberry {ice cream pie} Pops


Summer is here.

Long days

Hot nights


Ice cream

Maybe a bit too much ice cream.

This is my version of a decadent chocolate raspberry ice-cream pie.

It’s healthy

Refreshing on a hot day

Best yet – it’s SUPER easy

Only 2 ingredients – 3 if you choose to use the crumb crust

Crush a few chocolate graham crackers (recipe here if you would like to make your own)
put a tbsp in each cup

Puree 12 oz bag of frozen raspberries (this will be like a slushie)
add in 1 cup of nutella
pulse until smooth


you could eat it as is (this is like soft serve ice-cream)


freeze to harden a bit (healthy ice-cream alternative)
you top your graham cracker crumbs
add stick


and enjoy your chocolate raspberry ice cream pie {on a stick}