Chocolate {ganache} filled Raspberries


My family loves chocolate for dessert.

I happen to prefer anything with fruit.


These petite bites are almost as easy as the yogurt filled strawberries, and if you didn’t want to make ganache, nutella would be a fantastic substitution.

You  will need:

1 –  6 oz container of raspberries
 ~ look for one where the berries are not smushed
those would be quite hard to fill

For the ganache:

1/2 cup of heavy cream
4 oz of bittersweet chocolate chopped

2 tbsp butter in small pieces

heat the cream until small bubbles appear – but do not boil
 ~in a heat proof bowl pour the cream over the chocolate

allow to sit for about a minute

whisk in small circles until  your ganache is well blended and smooth,
and then whisk in the butter

carefully pour into a pastry bag with tip (small opening works best)
 ~ the chocolate will leak out the end so hold the tip slightly elevated
fill each berry

you will, most likely, have leftover ganache 

pop in the fridge to chill a bit