Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts with #Ghirardelli

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#ghirardelli chocolate CoveredStrawberry Hearts

Does this sound familiar…

kids -(at approximately 7 pm) “Mom, I need to bring treats for our class party.”

Me – “Sure, when is the party?”

kids – “Tomorrow.”

Me – “Of course it is.”

I shouldn’t be surprised, it happens to me all the time.

This is my favorite kind of holiday treat…fast and easy – for those nights the kids spring class parties on you right at bedtime – please tell me I’m not the only one.


We always have strawberries at home, and Ghirardelli chocolate makes anything just that much better.  The premium baking chips  melt easily, produce a smooth finished product (no extra oil needed), and of course taste delicious.  That and a few tooth picks are all you need for a super fun Valentine’s Day treat.



hull and halve berries, arranging side by side to look like a heart, and use the pick to hold them in place

strawberry hearts


you can dip the berries in to the melted chocolate, but I found the by spooning the chocolate over the berries, the finished heart was more uniform

#Ghirardelli Chocolate Strawberry Hearts


some I left plain, but some I topped with Ghirardelli white chocolate

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts with #Ghirardelli


  • 10 ounce bag of Ghirardelli Bittersweet baking chips
  • Ghirardelli white baking melts {optional}
  • strawberries


  • hull and halve berries
  • shape into hearts and secure with tooth picks
  • melt the chocolate
  • dip berries in chocolate, or spoon the chocolate over the berries
  • chill to harden
  • once the chocolate has hardened, you can melt and drizzle with the white chocolate

**remove the tooth picks before the chocolate hardens {they come out  MUCH easier with the chocolate still warm…trust me}

Let’s face it,  Valentine’s day is ALL about the chocolate, and these hearts are a fun twist on a holiday classic.

plus, it’s fruit, so you can eat as many as you want

#Ghriradelli Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts

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