Celebrate the holidays with a specail offer from Frederic Fekkai

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The Holiday season is in full swing.

For us that means plenty of cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, 
and who can forget all that entertaining.
It can be full of as much stress as joy.
Each year I promise myself not to get too carried away,
and each year I find myself rushing to get everything done.
Then, as I look back on the holiday, there wasn’t as much joy as I had hoped.
This year I am doing things differently.
I am NOT going to stress over the small stuff.
{my guests will not die if everything is not 100% homemade}
I will NOT get carried away with the gift giving.
{less can be more}
I WILL take time to enjoy the season.
{watching movies on the couch with my kids tops my to-do list}
and I WILL treat myself well!
Frederic Fekkai is helping me with that last part.
Some say that you should look as fabulous as you feel; I happen to think that the key to feeling fabulous is to look fabulous.
For me, this begins with my hair.
To be  honest, I don’t always splurge on my hair products,
but when I do, I find myself LOVING my baby fine hair {that last week I was threatening to cut off!}
My all time favorite…Full Blown Volume Styling Whip from Frederic Fekkai
I love that my hair doesn’t feel like it has product in it
and the volume lasts all day.
Glossing Cream is another must hae.  My hair is shiny and smooth, and my fly- a- ways are under control.
Unfortunately, my daughter also loves this product, and it seems to go missing often.
Whatever your hair needs, Frederic Fekkai has got a product designed just for you. 
The holidays are the perfect time to pamper yourself,
and with this great offer,
it’s even easier.
Simply visit Fekkai.com
to receive 10% off of your entire purchase
and a complimentary exclusive holiday headband
with any order over $50 {while supplies last}
 promo code – HEADBAND
I LOVE this headband!
You could use this great offer for gift giving, but I say treat yourself to a  little something special this season.