Caprese {stuffed} Tri-Tip

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You find the perfect recipe
You study said recipe
You have all the best ingredients
You prep
You cook
It smells wonderful
You cannot wait to try it
You are NOT impressed

This happens to me all the time

Then you wing it
using whatever ingredients you have lying around
and everyone is amazed – even the fussy one:)

This was how it went last night
I had a tri-tip roast thawed, but had NO idea what I was planning on doing with it.

There wasn’t really time to marinade – it was already after 5.
I butterflied it open
Stuffed it with minced garlic
Added a few sliced tomatoes (they looked beautiful)

Seeing how I am slightly addicted to caprese salad lately, I threw in some sliced mozzarella and basil as well.

 Seasoned it up with a bit of salt and pepper
Fold ‘er up
Secure with picks
Drizzle with olive oil

Grill – our roast was about 2 1/2 pounds and we grilled for about 40 minutes (med rare – med)

Try to let it rest a bit before cutting  – I know it’s hard

It was SO worth the wait

 I LOVE when winging it is a HIT!

Enjoy summer while it’s here:)