Buffalo Style Chicken Tenders #makeitgopuff

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Buffalo Style Chicken Tenders made easy with Pepperidge Farm

Goldfish Puffs







Summer break,

and you know what I’ve learned so far…

it is impossible to keep the house clean with the kids home

and my kids eat A LOT during the day

A LOT and often

{which is probably why my kitchen looks like a war zone }

It  must be a teen thing.

I buy snacks, and they disappear almost immediately.

{is it normal to be at Target everyday}

On my daily stock up on snacks trip I found




These puffs are goldfish all grown up

perfect for hungry teens and tweens.

{and hungry moms as well}


We took them to camp with us last week for a quick on the go snack

{the buffalo wing are my favorite hands down}

and I’m not just saying that because I am from Buffalo.

The mega cheese is just that







but…I told you before, my kids have been HUNGRY

so I used the Buffalo style to make chicken fingers.


goldfish puffs



use 1 bag of Buffalo style puffs


goldfish puffs crumbs


process into crumbs

dip chicken tenders into an egg wash and then coat with crumbs

bake @400 for about 25 minutes


buffalo tenders


and you get one TEEN sized snack.

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you can see my shopping trip at Target 


maybe, just maybe these will keep me out of Target for at least a day